Maggie Lange

some recent highlights:

A Meaningful Growl

A review of Lauren Elkin's Art Monsters: Unruly Bodies in Feminist Art for The Washington Post

A Hot Triangle!

An interview with Sarah Blakley-Cartwright on her novel, Alice Sadie Celine for Airmail

Queers of Antiquity! for the New York Times

A Case for Art Without Men! for the New York Times 

Astrology, It's in the Workplace! for Bustle 

Stories from the Info Desk at the Met for the New York Times

Surprise, Joyce Carol Oates and I have a same favorite painter! 

some 2022 + earlier highlights

Going out all night: is it exercise?  For The Cut

Cultivating a bad habit feels extremely good. For Vice! 

That's not me, that's Alison Bechdel, but we're both on this episode of The Cut podcast.

A profile of E.R. Fightmaster for The Cut's Dream Date series.  

"I"m Very Wholesome, Just Ask My T-Shirt" For The Cut.

"How Are You So Hot, Patricia Lockwood?" For Vice.

"Thank You, Frizz Ease, for Bouncing My Curls" For Allure. 

Out there! for No Man's Land

A *sexual history* of bandanas for i-D magazine.

Home is where the funky clothes are for The Cut. 

Notes on texture eaters on the Awl. 

Weird toast will save you for Bon Appetit.

Top sheets are a scam for GQ. 

Summer smut on The Cut.

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