Maggie Lange

some recent highlights:

A Meaningful Growl

A review of Lauren Elkin's Art Monsters: Unruly Bodies in Feminist Art for The Washington Post

A Hot Triangle!

An interview with Sarah Blakley-Cartwright on her novel, Alice Sadie Celine for Airmail

Queers of Antiquity! for the New York Times

A Case for Art Without Men! for the New York Times 

Astrology, It's in the Workplace! for Bustle 

Stories from the Info Desk at the Met for the New York Times

A blasé pop singer and regretful actress drinks an Erewhon smoothie in front of me

Surprise, Joyce Carol Oates and I have a same favorite painter! 

some 2022 + earlier highlights

Going out all night: is it exercise?  For The Cut

Cultivating a bad habit feels extremely good. For Vice! 

That's not me, that's Alison Bechdel, but we're both on this episode of The Cut podcast.

A profile of E.R. Fightmaster for The Cut's Dream Date series.  

"I"m Very Wholesome, Just Ask My T-Shirt" For The Cut.

"How Are You So Hot, Patricia Lockwood?" For Vice.

"Thank You, Frizz Ease, for Bouncing My Curls" For Allure. 

Out there! for No Man's Land

A *sexual history* of bandanas for i-D magazine.

Home is where the funky clothes are for The Cut. 

Notes on texture eaters on the Awl. 

Weird toast will save you for Bon Appetit.

Top sheets are a scam for GQ. 

Summer smut on The Cut.

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