Maggie Lange

About Me, Maggie

I'm a magazine writer living in Philadelphia. I write about books, music, bodies in motion, salty food, and other things I love. 

My magazine work

I write the interview column “How Are You So Hot?” for Vice and the fitness column “Hot Bod” for New York Magazine’s The Cut

My essays, reviews, and features have also appeared in Guernica, GQ,  i-D Magazine, the L.A. Times, Paper, the Paris Review, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Allure, the Awl, Elle, and Bon Appetit.

Before freelancing, I worked as an associate editor at The Cut and as a staff writer at GQ

& other work

I edit both fiction and non-fiction. 

I also copy-write! I’ve ghost written for at least two musicians you probably love. If you’re an avant-rock musician—or someone else with an interesting project—you can reach out

& the rest.

I help with communications (and sundry other stuff) for Mutual Aid Philly. If you’re interested in working with us, let me know

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